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The foundation of Momo's podcasting research project begins by exploring the UN's imposing Sustainability Development Goals, to begin to ask the question: How can we encourage the more hopeful human tomorrow? And what the hell is the point of art when the world seems to be on fire?


Getting your head around your context can transform what you think you can do. So what is the story we think we think we are in – and can we change it?

In the Now of fearsome realities, what might a complete global plan of response potentially look like – especially to ordinary everyday us lot, caught up in all the current Earth madness at ground level? In a time of converging crises of people and the environment, somewhere between populism and climate, disruptive technology and resource pressures, what is it we really most need? Even if you’ve heard of the UN’s Global Goals, you won’t have heard them quite like this. And this personal, thoughtful but playful series of long listens goes on to ask: What are some of the wider themes and details of life on the human planet, beyond the essential-seeming colourwheel of awareness, that we have somehow to get perspective on? And should we all be taking dance lessons?


Across the initial 19 episodes of Unsee The Future, and into the Unsee special, EP20, the bloke from Momo:tempo, Timo Peach, attempts foolhardily to circumnavigate the best complete working plan for saving humankind from itself that seems to be on the table, which is essentially what the grand scheme of the SDGs is – but does it from the perspective of a theatre-minded music artist and creative director. Does this plan make enough sense, or is there a perspective missing – a pretty freaking key one? And is there any purpose really in ordinary twerps like us considering all this?

Momo thinks so, but there are lots of interlinking issues to consider all at once – a storytelling challenge which spreads beyond a helpful foundation of understanding that’s often sounded a little ungraspably high level, to all kinds of other ideas, themes and future nodes some of which series two begins to look at.

To introduce us to this Now of fearsome realities from a less fatalistic point of view, this ongoing series is the very personal view of an unqualified electro-pop creative, inspired by one particular personal artistic endeavour that somehow diverted him to dive deep into the possibilities, challenges, opportunities and mindsets found in the converging consequences of… kind of everything. All in an episode order designed to help you make good sequential sense of how the big picture of our times might really fit together. A story told to help you get it.

To make sense of it all, why not start at the very beginning. Hear the story of us as we currently are from a new perspective.

Listen, read, ponder and share, do. Each episode is available as podcast to listen to or blog to read and follow the links and videos from.

You can find Unsee The Future in a search in your usual podcast feed or right here in the original full blog posts:


EP01: Consciousness.

Are you beginning to wish you could unsee the future?


EP02: Climate.

Is the weather trying to tell us something?


EP03: Economy.



EP04: Food.



EP05: Water.

Don’t say Kevin Costner.


EP06: Health.

Go on, you’re faking it.


EP07: Cities, part 1.

Remember to tap in and out.


EP08: Cities, part 2.

Your travel card is still valid.


EP09: Energy.

We have to switch off oil and gas. Renewables are cheaper and better and will stop us destroying our only planet.


EP10: Innovation.

Success. Let’s brainstorm.


EP11: Oceans.

Last one in’s an old milk container.


EP12: Land.

Borders. Remember when we still thought they were a thing?


EP13: Education, part 1.

Teacher. Don’t leave those kids alone.


EP14: Education, part 2.

No running in the coridor, Peach.


EP15: Sexuality, part 1.

It’s business time.


EP16: Sexuality, part 2.



EP17: Justice.

There’s no just-iss, there’s – huh! – just us.


EP18/19: Poverty.

Don’t say it. Don’t say Africa.


And discover the Unsee Special:

EP20 – Art

That evening.


Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

EP21: Disruption.

Oy-oy. Here comes trouble.


EP22: Democracy, part 1.

Not you, obviously.


EP23: Democracy, part 2.

Democracy certainly has a lot to do with theatre.


EP24: Democracy, part 3.

Congratulations – you’re engaged!


EP25: Cars.

D’you wanna call shotgun?


EP26: Travel, part 1

Mind the gap year.


EP27: Travel, part 2

Planes, trains and watery deals.


EP28: Travel, part 1

Lesson one in human geography: We are all in different places.


EP29: Experience, part 1

Don’t leave the house.


EP30: Experience, part 2

How’re your street smarts?

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