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What story do we think we are in – and can we change it?

Do you sometimes wish you could unsee the future? The inevitable seeming one, where everything’s basically just on fire? Or the simply overwhelming one, where multiple futures are happening all at once and giving you a nasty headache? Flooding the Co-Op car park. Closing down car makers. Slightly dismantling democracy. You’re not alone. Some other bloke has been asking the same dumb question.

Music maker and creative, Timo Peach, has been wondering how to find more hopeful visions of tomorrow for humans on Earth – exploring the imperatively possible, where art, futurism and planet intersect. And you might find his take on it encouraging.


From an initial tour around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in series one, this fortnightly researching podcast and blog looks at initiatives, issues and ideas that are attempting to tackle the components of a more sustainable tomorrow – one we can keep doing. All to discover what it might take to really build a more hopeful human tomorow, and who is already getting on with it.

“I’m the bloke from Momo:tempo. Just some completely unqualified music artist and creative director, gazing out at the stars. In my endeavour to make some sense of the now of fearsome realities, and create a personal artistic response to it all, I’ve found myself exploring the state of the world as we find ourselves in it today. Because, I can’t help feeling that in order to fashion any real grand hopes for the future, we’ll have to be sure of the trends of everything – to get to anywhere, you have to know where you’re really starting from.

“Where are we really going? Where have we really come from? To shape our outlook as we peer forward, what is really possible now? What story do we think we are in – and can we change it?

Is it time to close our eyes and open our ears?”

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