The Book

UTF! How to think like an artist and change the world.

What story do you think you are in? And can you change it? The non-art student’s guide to what the hell art is for in an era of crisis.


Trying to think global or act local, what if the world has been robbed of art thinking in our attempts to get beyond disaster? And is this costing us the Earth? Because thinking and working like artists do could bring alive everything else many planet leaders and sensemakers are desperately trying to create.

Especially if you’re trying to find your role in the fearful big picture. Or lead others through it.


Over ten weeks, Mr Peach shared chapters from the new Unsee The Future book – the first of his findings from his epic idiosyncratic research cast. An introduction to how his world view has changed through practicing art in his own way, and how his years of creativity have enabled a more playful understanding of looking forward in a time of crisis.

And how you can unlock such new ways of seeing yourself.

He is sharing nine practices of artists that can help us challenge the stories we think we’re in and work up new ones. The practical guide to how to encourage the more hopeful human tomorrow.

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