UTF: The Hopeychattybits – the boys from Intertwingularity

Momotempo · Unsee The Future: The Hopeychattybits – meeting The Boys From Intertwingularity

Timo Peach meets artists, solarpunks and changemakers re-imagining the stories we think we're in.

In this special end of year eleventh episode, Momo meets three of his dearest creative mates, Simon, Andy and Lee, to see how much they shred his first draft ideas for… the full Momo:tempo musical.

Musician, illustrator, writer and broadcaster Simon Brett and actor, writer, musician and broadcaster Lee Rawlings  join writer-director and co-producer of Five Songs To Help Us Unsee The Future Andy Robinson. to chat with Mr Peach about how they each approach storytelling, starting and refining ideas, making emotional connection to ideas, the wonderous training ground of science fiction and the likelyhood of them all finally launching their podcast.

Including a special little reveal of the brand for The Shape of Things To Hum ahead of Momo’s 2023 creative campaign.


Find some of Simon’s work at:

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Some of Lee’s Midjourney findings, as shown in the video:



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