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Momotempo · Unsee The Future- The Hopeychattybits – Meeting Keisha Howard

Timo Peach meets artists, solarpunks and changemakers re-imagining the stories we think we're in.

In this seventh episode, Timo Peach meets the Sugargamer and solarpunk working at the intersection of Imagination, Tech, Community, and Culture.



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NOTES from the show chat




“I am always playing multiple things at the same time but I am Cyberpunk 2077 and another old favourite Darkest Dungeons… I like the idea of protecting people. It’s super hard and they die anyway.”


“As a kid I played D&D and when I got older I wanted to see if I could encourage demographics that weren’t marketed to when I was younger to see if they could enjoy playing tabletop RPGs and tabletop theatre of the mind and what it means to use your imagination as an adult as you, with friends, imagine yourself as a different character in a different world making all sorts of decisions. I think there’s a lot of demography that didn’t ’t know that that was cool nd that wa cathartic and that its was healthy and okay. Now I’m all about helping everyone know that theatre of the mind is really fucking cool.”


Especially now we have to tap into using our imagination.

“Problem solving is at the foundation of everything I enjoy. Problem solving and critical thinking. I like the idea that ether is more than one way to do most things and as long as you’re open to that it keeps you a little bit more free in society. We become so attached to an outcome and there’s only ONE WAY to get to an outcome because THOSE ARE THE RULES and you find out there ar usually ten ways to get to an outcome. Games of all kinds keep that choridor of thought open for me.”


“I don’t think I’ve ever found my social confidence. I just know how to be productive in society. And part of that is exuding confidence in knowing you can do a thing that produces some kind of value.”


“Every day I think: Do I know what I’m doing? I don’t know what I’m doing. And I am so comfortable there.”


“I have a relationship with uncertainty that most people don’t have.”


 “Im living… might as well see what this thing does! Because I’m going to die one day. I’m here, so I might as well see what I can do to shape outcomes before I’m not here any more, and that makes things okay for me. Sometimes it’s bad. A lot of times it’s pretty fucking awesome, if you’re open to the awesomeness that comes from randomness and chaos and uncertainty, beautiful things happen. You meet beautiful people, you trust in weird scenarios that have just stupendous outcomes…”


“I’m pretty empathic and I’m a problem solver. So when I  feel people suffering with their perceived problems, I too am suffering from their perceived problems so I definitely want to help people with the tools to get through them.”


“The institutions that we grow up in teach us that there is a cut off point and when you become an adult, all his simulated plays that actually has always thought things since the beginning of time and that we see all intelligent life on Earth playing simulating play all throughout their lives for some reason our play has to equal something that delivers some tangible value. And that’s where it gets fuddled – we don’t have time to play, we gotta WORK”


“If I’m not playing, I don’t feel human. I feel like something’s off. And that play relieves so much anxiety about play for me.”


“Solarpunk is a great way to reframe what I want to imagine”


The female architect who came up to her after a solarpunk talk said:
“When architects put foliage and greenery in these vertical spaces, you have to consider that the people who live there are going to have to deal with bugs and animals so much more. It attracts life!”


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