UTF: The Hopeychattybits – Hazel Evans

Momotempo · Unsee The Future: The Hopeychattybits – meeting Hazel Evans

Timo Peach meets artists, solarpunks and changemakers re-imagining the stories we think we're in.

In this tenth and final episode of the first series, Timo Peach meets the visionary artist, writer and mentor of sacred women’s wisdom.


A performer, illustrator and storyteller, she sees her life and art as a passionate process of creating and recreating, surrendering to the cycles of life. First visual artist in residence of Lighthouse Poole centre for the arts in Dorset, much of her work has been site-specific and collaborative, using outside and inside spaces to bring people together exploring inner landscapes of meaning. All of it, she says, an invitation for people to explore deeper truths of themselves.

She says: “When we connect into our innate source of inspiration, we tune into the universe”. It is, she adds, a: “web of infinite expression”.

She sees the role of the artist not simply as testifier or interpreter but in many ways as priestess, even alchemist, facilitating women especially to access their own innate creative intelligence and confidence.

“My deepest desire is for the expression I share to spark inspiration in you…” she says, “your story matters, your life is your own masterpiece.”

A key work she has been exploring now for over ten years is a narrative interpreting a deeply personal journey – The Monochronium – and it is this project that brought us together! A collaboration that is celebrating ten years of co-creation, playful production, storytelling experimentation, and brazenly celebrating each other’s unadulterated genius.

She is, my dear art mate, the one and only, Hazel Evans.


Find Hazel at:

Hazelevans.co.uk >



NOTES from the show chat




“When we allow the creative energy to flow through and to connect to our emotions, without thinking: “Oh, I need to make this picture look nice, I need to make this sound right…” and just letting it purge out – this is the creative process I facilitate.

“Being the art, honouring the art – honouring the experiences we’ve been through in life and letting them come from the inside out, letting them birth through us from the inside out. Rather than thinking: “Oh I need to do a piece about…” and the try to do it, it’s like breathing it out, letting it come out.”

“If I can make that transition from not being able to speak to anybody or be in front of anybody to, all of a sudden, this much expression… there’s something here that goes beyond my art into service.”


“How else can it be an inspiration for others to know that they can do this, they can turn their life experience round and they can come out of themselves again, come into expression. Doesn’t mean they have to be an artist.”


“The force of recreation that we have within ourselves, that can come out through storytelling or art or the way we dress… it got me curious.”


“When we come into creation, we need to stretch up high into the high vibrations of energy.”


“It’s so important that when we collaborate we become synergetic, so although I’m guiding and leading and orchestrating, people come in and they get the best out of themselves as well so we all rise up together everybody where they need to be and we come into some other form of magnificent creation.”


On The Observationarium:
“A sort of bubble space, where they could experience words of beauty and comfort and joy and acknowledging the lighter more beautiful parts of themselves and open their hearts; there were lots of people who came in there and I made them cry, so I was like, okay, this is doing it’s job, it’s opening people’s hearts.”


“That’s what it’s about, to take people on experiences so they get to experience themselves more – which means what? That we get to open our hearts more – not only TO the art but THROUGH the art and into our lives and into ourselves.”


“Everybody on some kind of personal level, we’ve all been through a lot. Experiencing loss and change and noticing what comes up in our lives that no longer serves that creates more space for something greater. And this is the transitionary period that we’re in right now.”


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