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Discover the complete story, from the beginning.

The first series of Momo’s podcasting research project lays a foundation by exploring the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainability, to begin to ask the question: How can we encourage the more hopeful human tomorrow?

Across the initial 19 episodes, and into the Unsee special, EP20, the bloke from Momo:tempo, Timo Peach, attempts foolhardily to circumnavigate the complete plan for saving humankind from itself, which is essentially what this grand scheme is. Does this plan make sense, and is there any purpose really in ordinary twerps like us considering it? Momo thinks so, but there are lots of interlinking issues to consider. Which is not exactly going to be simple.

To make sense of it all, start at the very beginning, why not. Hear the story of us as we currently are from a new perspective.

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